Go Behind the Firewall at HITS:

3/2/12 in Malibu

Operations, finance, marketing, legal, supply chain and digital media – we all interact with the IT department and there is only one place where you can hear the latest from the team behind the firewall — the same group behind the digitization of the entertainment business.

Learn what’s happening behind the scenes in:

  • Residuals Management
  • Universal Media ID
  • Content Monetization
  • Disruptive Technologies
  • Entertainment Everywhere
  • Web Privacy
  • Connectivity
  • Real-time Decision Making

Click here for a printable PDF of Driving Directions.


Join Us At HITS: Wiring the New Hollywood Network

The Hollywood IT Summit is a full-day conference of panels, keynote conversations, case studies, networking opportunities, and showcase presentations. Organized by the Hollywood IT Society (HITS) and a stellar Advisory Board from every major Hollywood studio.

Who should attend? YOU, if you work in:

  • Asset Management
  • Digital Media
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Digital Distribution
  • Supply Chain Management
  • IT
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Storage
  • Systems Integration
  • Technology Solutions
  • Business Intelligence
  • Content Delivery

Take a day off from your busy schedule on March 2nd and join us at the idyllic Pepperdine University campus, which offers a beautiful setting for this once-a-year, open informational exchange between experts.

Click HERE to view the conference program so far. Check back for regular updates as we approach “showtime.” See you on March 2nd!

HITS Returns to Malibu!

After last year’s inaugural, sell-out event, MESA and Variety are pleased to announce that the 2nd Annual Hollywood IT Summit will be held on March 2nd in the George Elkins Auditorium at the Malibu Campus of Pepperdine University from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with cocktails to follow.

Organized by the Hollywood IT Society (HITS) and a stellar Advisory Board of CIOs from major Hollywood studios, the Hollywood IT Summit is a one-day event with multiple tracks and break-out sessions. The major areas of focus for the Summit will be studio case studies (best practices), digital distribution models and analysis, connectivity and real-time decision making, big data, self-service business discovery, and exploration of innovative technologies driving business transformation.

HITS 2012 Theme:

Wiring the New Hollywood Network

The stakeholders of the Summit are the senior executives of management, information systems, finance, operations, supply chain management (purchasing, manufacturing, logistics, distribution, customer service) and sales/marketing of entertainment companies. In addition, technology solutions and business development representatives are expected to participate from management consulting, IT enterprise software, IT software services, B2B network services, storage, hardware, business intelligence, BPO services, digital services companies and academia. The event is being co-produced by the Hollywood IT Society (also called HITS), the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) and Variety Magazine in collaboration with Pepperdine University.

Join us for an informative day of panels, presentations, solutions and thought leadership in the beautiful setting of Malibu.

Here’s a list of the preliminary session topics:

• KEYNOTE: Business Transformation in the Digital World: The IT Enabler!

• Studio CIO Panel: Strategic Challenges for Business Evolution & Growth

• Enterprise Transformation: Unlocking Business Value

• It’s Not Your Mothers IT Department Anymore: The Mashup of Technology Groups in the New Studio Operating Model

• Advanced Analytics (BI) for Integrated Businesses of Film, TV and Theme Park

• Residuals Management: A Challenging Opportunity

• KEYNOTE: Content-Centric Networks: No Compromises on Web Privacy

• Universal Media ID: Emerging Deployments Across The Ecosystem

 • HITS: Interactive Solution Showcase

  • Track 1: Automation of Operations & Supply Chain
    • Simplifying Content Distribution Across Mobile & Cloud Using API Management
    • Building the Real-Time Media Enterprise
    • From Zero to Mach Speed to an Animago Award!


  • Track 2: Operationalizing Digital Distribution
    • UMID in Action: Case Studies in use of EIDR in Studio Workflows
    • Beyond DAMs: Solving Metadata and Delivering Assets with MarkLogic Server
    • Find Hidden Insight in Your Digital Entertainment Metadata


  • Track 3: Transformation of Entertainment through Technologies
    • 2nd Screen’s Impact on the Consumer Data and IT
    • Get A Clue! Solve the Mystery of Innovation & Intellectual Property Value
    • The New Rules of Building an Enterprise Software Company That People Love


  • Track 4: Enhancing Business Decisions through BI & Data Warehouse
    • Business Planning and Consolidation for Film and TV: Optimizing Global Performance
    • Box Office Busting – Unleashing Digital Marketing Analytics
    • How to Catch a Serial Killer in Three Minutes
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Registration is now closed.  NOTE: There will be onsite registration for this event.

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